World has become a business platform today. Everyone is vying for seeking more and more profit. Each business is working its tail off to scramble for more customers. Real estate is one of such businesses which has been picking up the pace in a modern way today. Accompanying it like a perfect companion, real estate CRM is now the first choice of the users in real estate agency. A software with a one time setup and life time benefits! It helps to strengthen customer relationship with the agents resolutely. Managing all the records, contracts and contacts, it acts like a personal assistant. With numerous of functions it provides, you can't think of any other relevant option. Let's have a look at some of its crucial features.

1. Automation Management

With it's amazing autonomy features, it doesn't bother you to generate and track contracts manually. Responding automatically via email to match the specific requirements of the clients, it provides a much easier working. 

2. Generate Imperative Stuffs

CRM generates your brochures, stock lists and home lists. In additions to these, it also uploads them to agency website and real estate portals as well. Of course, it does automatically!

3. A Careful And Responsible Reminder

It never misses to remind you  to keep in touch with your clients, providing details like birthdays, anniversaries, date of rendezvous with the leads, etc. You are always updated punctually. 

4. Large Space With Life Time Records

Large space benefits you by keeping details of information related to your clients, contracts and new customers with their new requirements. Keeping records of your ex clients helps you to ensure a life time relationship with them. It does in order to keep them coming back to you year after year. 

5. Manage Advertising

VAP (Vendor Paid Advertising) is also a crucial factor which is undoubtedly managed by CRM. Additionally, it generates vendor reports and also record buyer feedback so that it could lure new leads to become your clients. Real estate business acquires a lot of attention to the leads in the agency. However, with CRM you are always ahead of your fellow competitors as it never compromises on usability.