For anyone who's in real estate to any degree, it soon becomes evident that relationship building is vitally important to building a successful business in this market. Where previously all that was really needed was an address book full of contacts, their phone numbers and addresses, today, the real estate business has gone to a more sophisticated level than ever before using real estate CRM software.

Make no mistake, it's still about building relationships, but with all the technological advances used today, one thing mustn't be forgotten: it's primarily about one-on-one upfront and personal people-building based on trust and integrity. In other words, congeniality still rules.

In actuality, people today encrusted on a real estate CRM software platform readily admit that they miss the personal touch that's been so readily replaced by text messaging, emails, faxes and computerized multiple real estate listings. In other words, having a warm, personal relationship with their representatives at whatever level is a most important prerequisite to establishing, maintaining and growing one's personal or business interests.

Responses Using Primarily A Personal Touch:

While CRM Real Estate software is heaven-sent in many respects, it cannot replace a warm, friendly handshake, cocktail after lunch or late dinner and/or hearing one's voice over the phone instead of seeing an e-signature on an email.

Industry figures estimate that 74 percent of real estate clients are prone to give you referrals--if an agent stays connected to them via some personal touch like a short visit or phone call. Over 41 percent of real estate agents got their successful leads through referrals that they intentionally kept in contact with. Moreover, 100 percent of the buyers surveyed reported that an agent's response time was a major deciding factor in giving them their business.

Today's Growing Trend Using CRM Software And Online Helps:

Whether it's social media, an online website or just plain email marketing, the trend today points to the use of more digital delivery systems throughout Canada and other primary English-speaking nations. Nearly 80 percent of buyers and sellers today are using the Internet to find a property or an agent in Montreal. Fifty-one percent of the real estate agents today use CRM software in Alberta while 90 percent of the buyers found their agent through an online search engine.

The figures are telling: real estate CRM software activity is the wave of the future. However, it must be coupled with that personal handshake, a cup of coffee and a friendly phone call every so often.